The New Humanities of Yolyanko

Yolyanko William presents us with a new, enigmatic and dynamic challenge that enraptures us. After a cosmic rain his Intraterrestrials arrived on the planet on one of those remote dawns of indeterminate temperature in order to establish a brave new Genesis where their Erotic-organic forms grew and multiplied like superior entities emerging from one of the most distant corners of our universe.

These mutated and magnificent beings generated by the farthest depths of his mental labyrinth are possessors of precise drawing, almost supernatural. The line that defines them carries implicit an almost Renaissance volumetric valuation and the forms that contain it propose new humanities beyond the improbable and endowed with great graphic beauty. This great artist of Cuban origin has shown us a new ecosystem of beings that we should analyze with new profound and creative optics. Let us travel next to him through those unknown existential levels very close to the terrestrial Underworld where organic logic is different.

Luis Bencomo
Painter, illustrator, professor of design and author

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